25JANVIER is one of leading global of luxury Brand. Since 2000, the Parisian chic Le Marais flagship is frequented by fashion stylists, actress, singers, celebrities and Fashion lovers from arround the world.
25JANVIER is a family business, our designer travels the globe to find most Elegant and Chic Fablics to make wonderful pieces.
25JANVIER continues his story in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and Los Angeles for now...

25Janvier shop


At 25JANVIER, being a purposeful and human-driven employer means being intentional, meaningful and caring in inspiring our people.

Fostering environments that reflect our strong values; encouraging and enabling inclusion, and investing on work and workplaces that foster collaboration and well-being. This is critical for the long-term success of our business.


Our development philosophy is grounded in the belief that all employees should be supported in developing their personal talents and careers. We strive to empower our people to realise their full professional and personal potential and achieve their ambitions through a culture of development focused on increasing their capacity to learn, grow and innovate. We also believe development is fuelled by a person's sense of purpose and self-motivation, this can take on many forms, including skills training and learning-development programmes, short-term and/or global-mobility assignments and challenging, fulfilling work that supports the business. We encourage a multi-experience journey so that our people can learn from different types of work, different leaders and different environments and teams.